Temporada de campo

Isabel Vaca
Mexico | 2021 | 65 min
World premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

When Bryan grows up, he’ll be a cowboy. He has no doubts about it. During the summer, he follows his grandfather and his uncle in their daily tasks at the ranch and feeds the calves on the back of horses too big for him. Becoming follows a young and determined boy in his apprenticeship of bullfighting and in his efforts to be bigger than he is. 

Bryan dreams of becoming a cowboy. Every summer his mother sends him over to the ranch where his uncle works to spend the season and help out with the tasks his small body can complete. Under a roaring sun, Bryan spends his time caring for the cattle, preparing the bulls for the fights and playing in the fields with his friends. He is in no hurry for the start of the school year, as it will take him far from everything that seems to matter to him. Becoming is a delicate coming-of-age film in which one can see reality through the eyes of a child. Bryan’s lively character and curiosity transform the daily routine on the ranch into a playground where his early apprenticeship becomes a constant adventure and where the understanding of the domination of animals by man becomes an inevitable part of becoming an “adult”. Isabel Vaca’s capacity to adapt to her protagonist’s point of view takes us on an immersive journey to an age when, slowly but surely, our protagonist will start to understand the world of the grown-ups.

Rebecca De Pas


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