A comuñón da miña prima Andrea

Brandán Cerviño
Spain | 2021 | 12 min
World premiere
Language : Galician
Subtitles : English, French

Jury Prize for the Best Short Film offered by la Fondation Goblet

Andrea’s communion takes place in a small Galician church, according to ancient traditions. Fortunately, with her filmmaker cousin and the help of some technical tools, the little girl takes matters into her own hands. Together, they hijack the family film, turning it into an unexpected and funny object. 

Andrea’s communion takes place in a small rural Galician church, as per the traditions of another time. Having attended film school, her cousin finds himself requisitioned by the family to serve as the ceremony’s official photographer. If the original images convey both the modesty of the place and the little girl’s sceptical apprehension of this moment, the later exchanges between her and her cousin provide insight into Andrea’s tastes, which contrast greatly with the situation, and are marked by the world of video clips and a certain urbanity. A treat of a film, resembling a hijacked amateur film, in which the memories of the young cousin inspire the filmmaker to use technical tools to tint the images, with a great deal of animation, special effects and, perhaps more significantly, melodies and sound design. Against a backdrop of reggaeton, smartphones replace rosaries and bibles revealing, in the space of a few minutes, an affectionate and hilarious cross-portrait, imbued with pop humour.

Emilie Bujès


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International Medium Length & Short Film Competition

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