Brüder - Ein Familienfilm

Valentin Merz
Switzerland | 2020 | 17 min
World premiere
Languages : Swiss German, French
Subtitles : English, French

After 20 years of separation, brothers Adrian and Valentin spend a week together. 32-year old Adrian lives with their parents and benefits from a disability pension. Valentin, barely older, seems to have found his autonomy. Brothers - A Family Film is a dizzying dive into a relationship as impossible as it is established, where violence and tenderness are one and the same.
Twenty years after separation, brothers Adrian and Valentin reunite to spend a week together. Adi is 32 years old, lives with their parents, cut off from most social networks, without a job, he benefits from a disability pension. Valentin is barely older and seems to have found his autonomy. From the first shot, the difficulty of the context explodes on screen. At times close, at times far from their faces, the camera, just like the brothers, seeks out the right distance. Since any situation risks an uncertain outcome, the feeling that the relationship is playing out at all times grows, in a form of urgency in which we move in the space of seconds from brutality to tenderness and vice versa. This permanent instability makes the film thrilling as much as it recounts the damage caused by social unsuitability. Interrogator, friend, brother, Valentin increases his attempts to communicate that hint at a new future, which, although uncertain, already appears as like a victory. Tom Bidou


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