Bruno Rocchi
Italy | 2020 | 37 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitles : French, English

In a village in West Africa where dreams play a key role, the hosts of local radio interpret the oniric visions of their listeners. The language of dreams is spoken here. The limits between the real and the fantastic blur, and time is suspended.

In a village in West Africa, dreams play a key role. In the evening, on local radio, neighbours call up to recount their oneiric visions. On the other end of the line, the host of the show answers the telephone while a woman, sat next to him, carefully listens to each of the voices criss-crossing the darkness of the night before interpreting their words. Simultaneously, we follow the account of a man who dreamed one day of leaving his native Senegal to go and live in Europe, and who has not found the happiness he expected there. Here, speech flows in suspended time between the intimate stories we hear over the radio waves, and the unrealised dreams of a solitary man who roams in search of an answer that would perhaps not be found in his illusions. With Talking Dreams, Bruno Rochi ventures onto the meandering terrain of the human subconscious, directing a film of extraordinary poetic strength, where there are no more limits between the real and the fantastic, between the day-to-day and dreams, between what we live and what we fantasize at night.

Elena López Riera

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