Bijan Anquetil
France | 2020 | 59 min
World premiere
Language : Farsi
Subtitles : English, French

After a first film, Bijan Anquetil meets again Hamid and Sobhan, friends having arrived secretly from Afghanistan, separated
by life in Europe. The first has become a political refugee. The second, from endeavours to deportations, continues to seek his place. Begzor Begzar is the melancholic chronicle of two arbitrary fates.

Hamid and Sobhan met on the turbulent road they took, along with thousands of others, fleeing Afghanistan for Europe. That was in Patras, and they found each other again in Paris years later. Bijan Anquetil had made a first film with them; over a night, around a fire, the two friends recounted their journey as migrants. Today, Hamid has been granted a residence permit, as a political refugee. As for Sobhan, he has been rejected and he must leave the French territory. Bijan follows them on their now separate paths. “I mourn the life that consumes itself, like a candle. I am a burden for you, leave me and follow your path.” quotes Sobhan from the song that gives the film its title. He is the one that Bijan Anquetil does not want to leave, for a moment, during the time the film is made, despite his many attempts to reach England where he will still be able to try something, and his deportations from one country to another… In this political and melancholic chronicle, the filmmaker just asks them to make a film together, like sharing part of the journey with each other.

Madeline Robert

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