Pauline Horovitz
France | 2020 | 61 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

Pauline Horovitz has been filming her father since 2009. In this new chapter with hints of a bittersweet documentary comedy, the hero, a former doctor “programmed” to work, takes advantage of his retirement to become an actor. Following the first steps of this liberating new life, the daughter-filmmaker watches her “creature” escape her...

Pauline Horovitz has had her father “starring” in her documentary films since 2009. On the announcement of his retirement, this obstetrician-gynaecologist, who is passionate about his work, the purpose of his life, looks for new activities. He briefly tries golf, and finally enrols at the Cours Florent drama school with a view to becoming an actor, a real one. He thus becomes the hero of this film. Papa s’en va is not a family film, but rather a “home-made” comedy. Pauline Horovitz employs an everyday documentary style, with little drama. The essence of the film unfurls in the kitchen and dining room of her father’s overloaded apartment. The characters are all friends or family: Aunt Suzanne, a tragi-comic depressive, or Geneviève, her partner living abroad who dreams of the perfect retirement home… But when watching Mr Horovitz, a burlesque personality, trying to work on “letting go”, by playing golf or at his improvisational internship, the film becomes an ode to adventure. It is never too late to emancipate and liberate oneself. Evidence that, all things considered, life does not end with retirement.

Madeline Robert


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