Passion - Zwischen Revolte und Resignation

Christian Labhart
Switzerland | 2019 | 80 min
World premiere
Language : German
Subtitles : English, French

Almost 50 years ago, women and men all over the word dreamed of changing the world. What is left today of the expectations and the hopes of the people that flooded the streets? Not much, unfortunately. The filmmaker examines episodes from his own life, trying to understand how they fit—if they do at all—with the major changes of the world that hint all at a catastrophe in the waiting. Across five continents and through the texts of authors such as Franz Kafka, Bertolt Brecht, Slavoj Žižek and Ulrike Meinhof, the film tries to find out if there is a way out of the capitalist jungle that has swallowed up our world. Global warming, war, overconsumption, refugee crises, inequality. Underscored by the St. Matthew Passion by J.S. Bach, Passion – Between Revolt and Resignation offers itself as powerful essay on the fears that are haunting the world while new conflicts explode almost daily. Christian Labhart creates a hybrid documentary essay that fearlessly faces questions which need to be answered soon if we still hope to save what is left of the world. 

Giona A. Nazzaro


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