Sophie Bédard Marcotte
Canada, 85 min
World premiere

Fleeing the Quebec winter and her professional and romantic disappointments, the young filmmaker Sophie Bédard Marcotte embarks with her director of photography on a road-movie across the United States, which should lead them all the way to Los Angeles to meet the artist and filmmaker Miranda July. Obviously, nothing will happen as planned. Using an inimitable tone to revisit the torments of the artist in search of inspiration, L.A. Tea Time mixes unlikely encounters, meditation sessions, and an exploration of American landscapes and the accompanying cinematographical imagination, along the yellow brick road. Like its two protagonists, this is a film that wanders and it is exactly where it finds its strength as, in reality, it is about spending time to find oneself. The flaunted destination of the trip is quickly revealed as a pretext for an introspective and cinephile adventure, which summons Chantal Akerman, the oracle of film, to an unexpected discussion in the middle of the desert.

Céline Guénot


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85 min
Burning Lights International Competition
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World premiere
French, English
English, French
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