Rory Barrientos Lamas
Chile | 2019 | 70 min
World premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

In the south of Chile on the Chiloé Island, Carlos Ruiz works as an operator in an industrial cannery. He is one of the cogs that makes the machine turn, except when he is a machine himself, like when he delivers blows on the punching-ball. A machine that dreams of glory. Because in his other life, Carlos is little-by-little becoming “the Guru”, who ceaselessly trains in what little leisure time he has so that he can win his match. The ring is an opportunity to attain a status, be unique, a hero, by applying all the intelligence and flexibility of his body, whilst his condition as a labourer maintains him in repetition and interchangeability. This is what is suggested by the parallel editing and sonic tricks operated by the filmmaker, which send the audience into the two realities lived together by “El Guru” on the inside. A documentary throwback to the famous Raging Bull, Rory Barrientos Lamas’ film vibrates to the rhythm of his character, who is enraged, indefatigable and who comes to pulverise a path beaten out by the strength of his fists. 

Emmanuel Chicon


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