Aboozar Amini
Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Afghanistan | 2018 | 88 min
Swiss Premiere
Language : Farsi
Subtitles : English, French

Violence has become a “normal” element of the lives of twelve-years-old Afshin and his brother Benjamin. They live with their family on the mountainside. Raised among bombs and guns, the local graveyard has become their playground. When their father leaves the family, Afshin faces the challenges of growing up. Aboozar Amini has worked long and hard on his film, overcoming incredible challenges and odds that would have forced lesser filmmakers to throw in the towel. Amini held on to his dream instead and worked unflinchingly in the face of what many believed would be a defeat. He managed to capture in images a complex reality never before seen on the big screen in such a precise and powerful way. Therefore Kabul, a city that in the last decades has been linked only to war and death, regains its dignity through the women and men who keep on struggling for a better tomorrow. A nuanced film, a love song to a city and a country torn by war. Kabul, City in the Windis one of the most striking documentary debuts in recent years and Aboozar Amini, a filmmaker to watch closely. 

Giona A. Nazzaro


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