La luna representa mi corazón

Juan Martín Hsu
Argentina, Taiwan | 2021 | 100 min
World premiere
Languages : Spanish, Chinese
Subtitles : English, French

Haunted by the tragic death of his father, Juan Martín Hsu, a young Argentinian filmmaker of Taiwanese origin, returns to Taipei to film the reunion with his mother. Reality and fiction blend in a moving personal quest in which an incredible portrait of a Mother Courage stands out from the picture of a family saga marked by uprooting. 

Haunted by the violent death of his father, Martin Hsu, a young Argentinian filmmaker of Taiwanese origin, returns to Taipei with his brother Marcelo to join their mother. The reunion reveals the portrait of a woman whose tragic fate is marked by the years of the White Terror in Taiwan, then by the difficulties integrating during her exile in Argentina. Faced with linguistic and cultural differences, Martin and his brother set up their camera in the cramped family apartment, hardly an invitation to speak freely. Not unlike a hall of mirrors, the mise en  scène plunges us into the heart of a perpetual drama. The director’s moments of frustration are eloquent, and speak of the difficulty of a double quest : one of identity and one of filmmaking, full of obstacles, which Martin Hsu skillfully circumvents through the interaction of fiction and documentary. The director’s contradictory feelings resonate throughout the film like music that has now become essential, imbuing this moving diary of uprooting with sad notes and unexpected melodies.

Javier Martín


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