Virpi Suutari
Finland | 2018 | 76 min
Swiss Premiere
Languages : Finnish, English, Chinese
Subtitles : English, French

Entrepreneurs get a bad name nowadays. Some of them deserve it. But there are exceptions to the rule. People who love their job and try to make the best with what they have. Renown Finnish director Virpi Suutari tells the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary vision and skills with a warm and sympathetic human touch. Ordinary adventures in a world that becomes increasingly difficult. In the countryside, going from village to village, there is a little family selling meat out of a small truck and running on the side a tiny funfair. Life is not easy for them, but customers are loyal, and they somehow manage to survive with their work. So, while one family is struggling, two women who have created a vegetable protein called Pulled Oat are on their way to become millionaires. The film juxtaposes two different ways of living and surviving in the broader context of the post-modern neo-liberal capitalistic society. If money does not make you happy, it can certainly help buy some peace of mind.

Giona A. Nazzaro


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