Hubert Caron-Guay
Canada | 2017 | 95 min
World premiere
Languages : Spanish, English
Subtitles : English, French

We watch from behind as a person with a sling bag walks through the night, before melting among her peers in a refuge, in Mexico, welcoming those women and men who are fleeing a political situation, an economic impasse enriching organised crime. It is of little matter where these migrants come from, as it is, above all, a matter of staying alive and avoiding the gangs that keep an eye on the long path to exile. However, everyone knows the goal: to get into the north of the continent, the United States or Canada, at all costs, aboard goods trains, which they hang onto dangerously. In complete immersion, Hubert Caron-Guay (co-director of L'Etat du monde, VdR 2013) filmed this last chance voyage in which waiting contends with anguish, even though solidarity is tangible at times, like in the sequence where a man enjoins his companions in misfortune to “run at the same speed as the train”, otherwise, death is certain. Destierros was shot during the American electoral campaign. Just before the apocalypse of which Donald Trump is only one name.

Emmanuel Chicon

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International Feature Film Competition

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