Frédérique de Montblanc
Belgium, Switzerland, Republic of Korea (South Korea) | 2022 | 82 min
International Premiere
Languages : English, French, German, Korean, Mandarin
Subtitles : English, French

Set between Hong Kong, London and Frankfurt, this is the intimate portrait of five women working in the highest spheres of finance. Regularly stigmatised as “dragon-women”, they reveal the survival mechanisms they use and the personal battles they fight in this ultra-patriarchal professional field where they represent a tiny minority.

Alison, Leaticia, Martina, Adeline and Jennifer all hold senior positions in investment banks. Although they seem to be brilliantly navigating the highest spheres of finance, they reveal to Frédérique de Montblanc’s camera the survival mechanisms they use and the battles they are forced to fight in this particularly competitive and patriarchal field where they still represent a tiny minority. Shot between Hong Kong, London, Paris and Frankfurt, Dragon Women is an intimate portrait of five women who assess their careers by questioning their relationships with power, ambition and responsibility – implicitly building a reflection on how difficult they find it to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. Through its precise collection of actions and words, the film recounts the stigmas the protagonists face day to day, while asking the key question about our relationship with work: to what extent does it (re)define us? How much of our identity is constructed at work, and how much of ourselves, by choice or by necessity, do we leave at home?


Camille Kaiser


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Filmmakers or researchers from UNIL will take you on a walk through the streets of Nyon to delve into and deepen your appreciation of this film’s subject. Balade avec Marianne Schmid Mast, chercheuse en comportement organisationnel

Frédérique De Montblanc
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