Firouzeh Khosrovani
Norway, Iran, Switzerland | 2020 | 81 min
Swiss Premiere
Languages : French, Persian
Subtitles : English, French

On the day of her wedding, Tayi, in Iran, marries the photo of Hossein, in Switzerland, whom she joins shortly afterwards. The distance that then separated them prevails from one country to another, widening over the years, and finding its way into every crook and cranny of their house. With power and precision, Firouzeh Khosrovani recounts the transformations of a couple—her parents—while implicitly reflecting those of Iranian society.

On the day of her wedding, Tayi, in Tehran, marries the photograph of Hossein, in Geneva, where she joins him shortly afterwards. The distance that separated them on that day persists from one country to another, gradually finding its way into their shared life. Back in Iran following the birth of their daughter, Tayi, a religious activist, finds a space there in which to forge her own identity, whereas Hossein, a secular progressive, would have preferred to stay and live in Switzerland. Looking through the family archives and delicately using their cinematic resources, Firouzeh Khosrovani recounts the differences that separate her parents from each other—while implicitly reflecting those of an Iranian society during the periods preceding and following the Revolution. With her childhood home and the transformations that it undergoes as her anchor point, the director constitutes the fragmented account of a couple’s history through the memories that she projects and the images that remain—revealing with strength and precision the complexity of a relationship and that of the shaping of our intimate, social and political identities. 

Camille Kaiser


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