Marina Belobrovaja
Switzerland | 2021 | 82 min
World premiere
Languages : German, Russian
Subtitles : English, French

Marina Belobrovaja called on Noë, a sperm donor, to conceive her daughter Nelly, with the blessing of her family based in Tel Aviv. For the filmmaker, this choice also leads to a series of questions that she shares, between Berlin, Zurich and Dresden, with individuals escaping the traditional model of parenthood, still significant in Western societies. 

Sven lives in Dresden. Although he grew up in a completely traditional nuclear family in former East Germany in the 1980s, he gradually realised that he was conceived thanks to an anonymous sperm donor. Father to a little boy, he takes on the “role” played by his unknown genitor with Cat and Dani, a befriended couple of two women, who have asked him to be the “father” of their future daughter. Sandra does not wish to be a mother, whereas her companion Anton wants a child. The Berlin couple have imagined an even more unusual alliance... that we will not reveal here. Artist and filmmaker Marina Belobrovaja called on Noë, a “serial” sperm donor, so to speak—biological father of... 60 children!—to conceive her daughter Nelly, with the blessing of her Tel-Aviv based family. She took her camera and set off in search of alter-egos who, like her, are each experimenting in their own way with alternative models of parenthood. Our Child offers a sincere, stimulating and embodied reflection on this issue that continues to fuel controversy in Western societies. 

Emmanuel Chicon

Forum 2021

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