Anna Hungerbühler
Switzerland | 2019 | 33 min
World premiere
Language : Italian
Subtitles : English, French

What is happening in Nuria’s head? While doctors carefully examine her brain, thoroughly scrutinised by an MRI, Anna Hungerbühler endeavours to show us the day-to-day of her intriguing protagonist, with her little boy Numa and her husband Francesco. A family happiness we sense to be hard-won by a woman with an exuberant personality. This is where the mystery of the film lies: what happened that could shape in this way such a particular relationship, simultaneously intense and melancholic, with the world? The work of the film is, precisely, to look with immense modesty at the woman she is today, leaving all that came before to our imagination. This delicate approach, refusing explanations, simplifications and expected paths, is what succeeds in reaching the truth of a being. A portrait in lacework, full of cavities and convolutions, in which the strength and fragility of Nuria come together and which invites us—more than revealing a secret—to share her happiness and accept its grey areas.

Céline Guénot

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National Competition

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