The Still Life of Harley Prosper

La vida suspendida de Harley Prosper

Juan Manuel Sepúlveda
Mexico | 2018 | 65 min
International Premiere
Language : English
Subtitle : French

Sesterce d’or Canton de Vaud - Best film of the Burning Lights International Competition

As a child, Harley Prosper was designated the “medicine man”, a significant role for the spiritual conscience of his Native American community, which is fighting the abandonment of its ancestral traditions. But the chosen one fled his destiny. He descended into alcoholism and is letting himself die in Vancouver, in a hospital for the terminally ill.
Locked up in this voluntary exile, Prosper defies the spirit that lives within him, confronting the inner voices that constantly remind him that it is impossible to escape his destiny. And even less so his history.
The camera films the last days of this man at the peak of his frenzy. Juan Manuel Sepúlveda pushes the interview device to the extreme, questioning all the voices and all the men who live in Harley Prosper’s spirit, exploring each centimetre of his skin, sharing the delirium of his confinement. In this film, he is not a talking head, he is a multiple body, overflowing. Half-man, half-spirit, Harley Prosper awaits only death. Sharing his fatal journey, we reach his state of trance.

Elena López Riera


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