Luise Donschen
Germany | 2018 | 67 min
International Premiere
Languages : German, English
Subtitles : English, French

The spirit of Casanova, the legendary venetian adventurer, and ladies’ man, haunts this philosophical and playful enquiry about the complexities of gender, identity, and sexuality. What happens to our eyes and to our gaze when we desire? Is desire (still) a tool to reshape the world and our personal and social relationships? And what exactly are the politics of desire? Thus, John Malkovich in a play about Casanova is interfaced with an SM mistress and her slave while images of the Virgin and a zebra finch in cage create a fascinating mosaic of contradictions. A film about the many mysteries and the thousand-fold politics of seduction(s). What is the chemistry at work inside our eyes, minds, desire(s) and ultimately our image(s) of the other that pushes constantly human beings to explore new boundaries of sexual freedom? A funny, ironic, and visually accomplished essay about the laws of attraction. An amusing and anarchistic manual to escape the limitations of the binary imagination and the prescriptions of patriarchy. Gliding of pleasures, indeed.

Giona A. Nazzaro


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