Kavijar konekšn

Dragan Nikolić
Serbia, United States | 2008 | 58 min
Swiss Premiere
Language : Serbian
Subtitles : English, French

The tragicomic adventures of brothers Ivan and Dragan Pacov, two of the last Serbian caviar fishermen. By trying to survive from fishing on the Danube, the largest river in Europe, they are defying the laws of nature and economics. As if in a fable by La Fontaine, the voiceover that introduces us to their world and presents the protagonists to us is that of a sturgeon. Once the setting has been provided, we observe the daily life of the two brothers who have become outsiders in modern society: their domestic concerns and exchanges with their entourage, disputes with other fishermen over sharing the river territory, games of tombola in the village café or the settling of accounts at the local court. In the Pacov universe, there reigns organised chaos and a certain decadent atmosphere that sets the tone for their undertakings. And we would not be surprised to find them at the heart of a new adventure by way of the moral to a story along the water.

Jasmin Basic