Dubina Dva

Ognjen Glavonić
Serbia, France | 2016 | 80 min
Swiss Premiere
Languages : Serbo-Croatian, Albanian
Subtitles : English, French

The shores of the Danube near Belgrade, a wasteland, a road at night: the gaze of the camera takes in these apparently insignificant places. Voiceovers give an account of events belonging to the not so distant past. Links are forged between witness statements, taken from various trials at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and images from today: in these places, twenty years ago, terrible war crimes were committed, among others the Suva Reka massacre where many Kosovars were killed by the Serbian army. The bodies were then transported to a secret location during Operation Dubina Dva (Depth Two).
The film takes the form of a powerful documentary thriller full of insidious suspense, where the words of the aggressors and those of the victims unfold in the viewer’s mind, enabling them to reconstruct the facts with the necessary distance and decency. A significant work about the recent history of former Yugoslavia, which, through a personal approach, successfully gives a voice to the victims of the crimes committed and discloses a long-buried secret.

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