InsideRisk - Les Ombres de Medellin

Edouard Getaz & Andrei Severny
Switzerland, United States | 2018 | 120 min
Language : English
Subtitle : French

A medium-length film that tells the story of a kidnapping in Colombia; a fiction that allows itself to be caught up by the documentary form; a director who wishes to develop new means of expression, new contacts with his audience…
The screening begins and the film stops after a few minutes. Edouard Gétaz, the director, takes to the stage and starts to dialogue with the audience as if to enrich the visual experience of the spectators. Then the film recommences bit by bit and continues, as do the exchanges. It is not the audience that choose the film, but they are invited to express their perceptions throughout the screening.
This is the strange adventure to which the InsideRisk project invites us. Edouard Gétaz has staged operas and plays, and has directed films. He wanted to add a new string to his bow by inviting the spectator, not to enter the screen, but to emotionally participate in the film itself.

Philippe Clivaz


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