Kevin Merz
Switzerland | 2017 | 95 min
Languages : Swiss German, English, Italian
Subtitles : French, German

One of the most legendary hard rock bands in Switzerland, even going beyond simple music: it is made up of musicians from Ticino and German-speaking Switzerland and even one from French-speaking Switzerland. It is called Gotthard, like this central point, this former required passage, this hyphen through the heart of Europe.
The camera insinuates itself in the new life of the group, since the accidental death of the singer Steve Lee, on a motorbike, on an US highway (we did say legendary…). It gives the rockers the time to look at their 30 years of history, with nostalgia, irony and enthusiasm.
We come out of this voyage convinced that Gotthard is effectively a single life, a single soul!
The director Kevin Merz—director of An African Election (VdR, 2011, Prix du public de la Ville de Nyon)—creates a poetic and touching portrait of the band from Lugano, who dreamed of conquering the hard-rock world, and against all odds, did so.

Philippe Clivaz

Tiziana SoudaniSilvana Bezzola RigoliniAmka Films ProductionsSven Wälti

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