Markus Imhoof
Switzerland, Germany | 2018 | 92 min
Languages : German, Italian, Arabic, Amharic, Kurdish, French, English
Subtitles : French, English

An experience dating back to the Second World War serves as the backdrop for Eldorado, that of an encounter with Giovanna, an Italian immigrant child who the filmmaker’s parents looked after. After having tackled the subject of refugees, precisely those of this war, in a very committed fiction film The Boat Is Full in 1981, Markus Imhoof explores migration in the Mediterranean Sea, in Italy and in Switzerland in this opus. “The boat is full again. 35 years ago, I hadn’t anticipated that the title of my film would once again be so tangible and urgent, that we’d still have to shoot a film on this subject (MI)”. Bearing witness to Operation Mare Nostrum, in Italy, during which 100,000 beings are rescued from the sea, Markus Imhoof also takes into account the horror of certain refugee camps in Sicily and the resulting exploitation. Then there is Switzerland, its organisation, its bureaucracy and is rules, in a film of epic dimensions that will undoubtedly make as much of an impression as his famous previous film More Than Honey.

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