Arya Lalloo & Shannon Walsh
South Africa, Canada | 2013 | 87 min
Languages : English, Zulu
Subtitles : English, French

The first images show Johannesburg seen from the sky, a way of setting the tone and getting a global idea of the impressive South African megalopolis, with its imposing skyscrapers, chaotic streets and contrasting areas. Then the camera concentrates on the working-class district Jeppestown, one of the city’s oldest, and it is here, one Friday that we follow the fate and dreams of some of its inhabitants. During this day, we capture moments in the life of Arouna, the owner of Oduduwa Republic, a West African canteen; Vusi, searching the rich residential districts for objects to recycle; JJ, a young white entrepreneur working on the district’s property development in his loft; or even Ravi, surrounded by piles of books and who has spent over 65 years in the district. Through these characters and the basements, stalls, and former warehouses of Jeppe, we discover fascinating microcosms that are like windows onto the sense of identity and community felt in an African metropolis today.

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