Vincent Dieutre
France | 2017 | 66 min
International Premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

“Dear Vincent, what can I tell you? (…) For filming, I have no rules, apart from being attracted.”
“Dear Alain, I have safely arrived in Florence. I am therefore going to shoot this film about you, without you, and it is perhaps just as well like that. I will keep a kind of dairy here, just as you do so well.”
The fifth “exercise in admiration” by Vincent Dieutre—after those dedicated to Eustache, Cocteau, etc. It is probably the most moving, because it involves a conversation in vivo between two contemporary film figures. It is Alain Cavalier who most embodies a Franciscan renouncement of the decorum of the cinematic art, a trajectory stretched towards minimalism and asceticism. He is the “practising” alter-ego: a rarefied gesture of film, poor and yet generous, solipsistic, and welcoming, open, fun. Through the dialogue that it establishes between the painting of Giotto and the free path of Vincent Dieutre through the film of the “master”, Frère Alain - EA5 nonchalantlycomposes a piece of chamber music with a discreet harmony, as if the notes of the two pieces, composed years apart, were vibrating in unison.

Emmanuel Chicon


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