Moteris ir ledynas

Audrius Stonys
Lithuania, Estonia | 2016 | 57 min
Swiss Premiere
Languages : Lithuanian, Russian
Subtitles : English, French

Solitude, far from the crowds and worldly life, is a way of reconnecting with the world. This is probably the feeling of scientist Aušra Revutaite, who has been living alone for thirty years on the Tuiuksu glacier, in the Tien Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan, completely isolated from the rest of the planet. Audrius Stonys, who is always fascinated by characters and situations in dialogue with soul searching, films her struggling with daily life, fully concentrated on her devotion to science and on understanding the health of the Earth. Keeping her company are a dog and a cat, which often have play fights. Immersed in her thoughts, the woman speaks little. Nature, surrounding her, thus dominates in all its mysterious grandeur. This is where Stonys’ camera captures wonders. This is the fall of one world and the birth of another, the end of the Soviet Union and the beginnings of Kazakhstan, the loss of a utopia and... the arrival of tourism. And also night, day, water, the sky, snow, butterflies, the unchanging mystery of the world.

Luciano Barisone


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