Frans Buyens
Belgium | 1983 | 90 min
Language : French
Subtitle : English

“When we talk of war, children count only in terms of statistics. What these innocent victims feel, how they behave, is rarely evoked.” (FB) Sarah dit... Leïla dit... reveals almost unknown circumstances: the destiny of children in the camps during the Second World War. Frans Buyens witnessed a meeting between two women who were imprisoned in concentration camps when they were children. One was deported to Auschwitz aged thirteen, and the other locked up in a Japanese camp in Indonesia at the age of eleven. The two women talk to each other. Through their confidences, the past and the present overlap. The film does not make use of current documents and is not a documentary reconstitution either. It’s an evocation in fictional form. The director evokes this meeting. The scenario takes its roots in two true stories, that of Sarah and that of Leïla. Two totally different stories, and yet...

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