Michael Moore
United States | 2015 | 120 min
Languages : English, French, Italian, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Arabic, German
Subtitles : English, French

Imagine that. The supreme military headquarters of the United States sum- mon their archenemy Michael Moore for a super-classified debriefing. The chiefs of the world’s greatest military power ruefully agree on one thing: they screwed up. Badly. Therefore, they ask Michael Moore for a wise word of advice. Where to invade next, in order to do some good for the American people? Being a true patriot, when Ol’ Uncle Sam calls, Michael Moore diligently obeys. He grabs the American Flag and embarks on a long journey to foreign countries still perceived as aliens to most of the American people that were lied to by corporate media. From Italy to Germany, from Iceland to Tunisia, Moore embarks on a quest for democracy and human rights. Ideas that the Americans can steal and bring back home in order to make a better living for themselves. Lithe documentary parody of everything that is wrong in the American way of life, Michael Moore’s film injects new fuel in ideas so simple and just that you can’t help but think of them as revolutionary.

Giona A. Nazzaro


Carl Deal
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