2021 | 103 min
Languages : French, English
Subtitle : French

For its 30th birthday, La Fémis gives us access to “L’Enfer”. Like the restricted section in libraries, this short-film programme unveils the French national film school’s invisible films: students’ work containing archives for which the rights could not be acquired. Free from this question of rights, these six films are a real dive into the heart of the vast continent of film. We discover Humanity filled with images; from those seen in our childhood and that shaped our perspective to those of our memories, fragments of mental images. These are the images of our first film emotions (La Fille de Porquerolles by Ludivine Van Gaver) and those of the freedom of youth (Bye-bye Wild Boy by Julie Lena) ; those of the innocence of childhood (Ce vieux souvenir enfoui by Flore Guillet) and those of the quest for immortality (Ed, Hal & Co by Cécile Brettnacher); the representation of our fears (Notre peur by Diego Governatori) as well as that of our dreams and utopias (Les Grands soirs by Julie Duclaux). They live within us and will remain with us all our lives. Happy Birthday!

Madeline Robert
La Fémis

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