Laila Pakalniņa
Latvia, 10 min

Every day a man delivers laundry to a children’s hospital and faces life and death. Can life and death be every day? “I wanted to make a film about life, to do this I had to show death: that is why we visited a children’s hospital.” (LP)

Every day a man delivers clean linen to a children’s hospital. It is then processed, selected, transported. The whole world seems to turn around the laundry. We observe all the phases at a constant pace, through the inventive camera work and from multiple points of view. A few shots of children at the windows remind us of the nature of the place we are. Soon, following the laundry, we develop a feeling of deep empathy. “I wanted to make a film about life. So I needed to show death, but I didn’t want to show people dying. We went to a children’s hospital and said to ourselves – we are not going to enter this hospital to show the face of suffering. It must be possible to feel everything even staying outside.” Laila Pakalnina

10 min
Atelier Laila Pakalnina
no dialogue

Atelier Laila Pakalnina

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