Bus Labi

Laila Pakalniņa
Latvia | 2004 | 5 min
Language : no dialogue

Various people on the street stand stock still in front of the movie camera as though their photograph were about to be taken. This lasts just a few instants, then they nod as they look into the camera and move on. A family, a group of friends, men. In the background, city noises.

The film is part of the collective project "Visions of Europe", commissioned by the European Union and carried out by 25 directors from the member states. In Pakalnina’s work various people stand still in front of the camera while we listen to street noises. The shot lasts just a moment, and creates what can possibly be defined as “moving still picture”. Children, a young couple, a family, a group of friends or colleagues. The last portrayed woman features a photo album and a CD. “I have always thought that it can never be too much to say “It’ll Be Fine” and look into people’s faces. I was approached with an offer to make this film right before the enlargement of the European Union in 2004. To be precise, I was invited to make a short film whichever I wanted. And I decided that it will be this film. And what I am trying to communicate with this film is – don’t worry, it’ll be fine; we are ordinary human beings, very similar to you! And, to tell the truth, it is fine. But it’ll be even better!” Laila Pakalnina

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