Narges Kalhor
Germany | 2024 | 83 min
International Premiere
Languages : German, Farsi, English, Hebrew
Subtitles : English, French

Iranian filmmaker Narges Kalhor wants to remove “Shahid” – a name passed down from a great-grandparent, meaning “martyr” – from her surname. She hires an actress to perform in the film of this process, but there are obstacles at every turn: she is haunted by her great-grandfather, the German bureaucracy is impossible, and the actors revolt. An exuberant and highly unconventional political comedy.

Iranian director Narges Kalhor (In the Name of Scheherazade…, VdR 2019, and Sensitive Content, VdR 2023) wants to remove “Shahid” from her family name - a legacy inherited from a great-grandparent, meaning “martyr”. Intent on thumbing her nose at a past that belongs to both a patriarchal and bygone era, she hires Baharak - an Iranian actress who, like her, sought refuge in Germany - to play the role of Narges Shahid Kalhor as she goes through the process of changing her name. However, this venture involves overcoming a number of obstacles. Her great-grandfather and his cohort of devout dancers follow her closely everywhere she goes, the administration is a Kafkaesque nightmare, Baharak and Narges no longer have the same conception of the film, and her therapist – in spite of being named Ribbentrop – struggles to understand why she wishes to change her name. Constantly oscillating between documentary and fiction, borrowing from the codes of performance, musical comedy and thrillers, this film is a delightful satire on the need to resist ideologies and confront what has been inherited from the past in order to form one’s own identity. Shahid is an explosion of formal freedoms, and Narges Kalhor is undoubtedly one of the most individual and exciting voices working in German cinema today.

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Sunday 14 April 2024 18:15
Grande Salle, Nyon
In the presence of the director

Saturday 20 April 2024 20:45
Capitole Leone, Nyon


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