(Y)our mother

Samira El Mouzghibati
Belgium, France | 2024 | 96 min
World premiere
Languages : Arabic, French, Riffian
Subtitles : French, English

International Critics’ Award – FIPRESCI Award
Zonta Award

Samira, the youngest of five sisters, calls her family together, camera in hand, for a rare meeting: “to help each other without having to go through a shrink or an imam”. Her mother remains silent. It’s not until she arrives in her native village that she reveals her secrets, her regrets and her strength – and that the profound bond and legacy that unite them, between love and rejection, begins to reveal itself.

Amongst themselves, the four sisters in Samira El Mouzghibati's family call their mum “your mother,” as if she had never been their own. This small, hunched over, glum-looking woman, devoid of hope – like "an oversalted tagine" – looks nothing like her happy, gregarious and independent daughters. Raised by her sisters, Samira now possesses a joyful and abundant material: voice messages on old answering machines, video tapes of birthdays, house moves and other defining moments. She also has interviews, stealthily filmed under the cover of night with her first camera. In them, she asks her older sisters about family, about marriage. Instincts, obsessions. Hitherto-unheard words from her mother, gathered in her home village of Rif, complete the narrative. The filmmaker examines her connection with her roots, with Morocco, with immigration, and goes on a brave and deeply touching journey into her heritage and the notion of freedom which runs through all the women in her family.

Anne Delseth


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Samira El Mouzghibati
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