Film still of the film (Revolution, Fulfil Your Promise) Red Love, directed by Dora García, Visions du Réel 2024

(Revolution, Fulfil Your Promise) Red Love

(Revolución, cumple tu promesa) Amor rojo

Dora García
Mexico, Spain, Norway, Belgium | 2024 | 95 min
World premiere
Languages : Spanish, German, Russian
Subtitles : English, French

Special Mention

In order for the revolution to live up to its promise, might love be the missing ingredient? Artist Dora García delves into the archives and finds in the searing writings of Alexandra Kollontaï, an early-20th-century revolutionary, a precious ally of queer and feminist movements in Latin America and elsewhere. A joyfully militant political film.

Could it be that love is the missing ingredient for the revolution to finally live up to its promise? The early-20th-century revolutionary, Marxist feminist and diplomat Alexandra Kollontaï believed this was true, as evidenced by her searing words: "Solidarity should not be understood as the mere awareness of a community of interests. Solidarity is also the sentimental and spiritual bonds established between the members of the same collectivity. These feelings of sympathy, gentleness and sensitivity derive from a common source: the capacity to love." In a montage which combines archival footage in which her memory is preserved, a portrait of the words and actions of a militant group, and feminist demonstrations in Mexico City, artist Dora Garcia weaves together the threads connecting literature and the streets, and finds in Kollontaï a precious ally of queer and feminist movements in Latin America and elsewhere. A political and joyfully militant film. 
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