Floriane Devigne
France, Switzerland | 2023 | 77 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

In this “telephone” road movie, Floriane Devigne (Ni d’Ève, ni d’Adam, VdR 2018; La Clé de la chambre à lessive, VdR 2013) takes us on a journey through so-called “peripheral” France. From remote villages to deserted areas, guided by telephone conversations collected from the last public telephone boxes, she casts an amused, critical and cutting gaze over our ever-changing society.

1,941. That's how many photos of phone boxes Floriane Devigne has collected over the course of the eight years she worked on this film. The rarer they become, the harder she searches... She constructs her film like a collection, gathering, sorting and sharing her most memorable encounters and stories. She invites us along for the ride in this funny, political and inspired road movie through France’s dead zones, as she mischievously pursues her obsession. As well as collecting photographs, Floriane also records the phone conversations she receives in the last phone boxes that remain standing, in remote areas where the 4G network has yet to penetrate. The opening scene of Allo la France sees the filmmaker taking a boat in order to reach the last phone box in Paris, which has been abandoned on a quay - presumably because it would be more complicated to remove it than to leave it there. This phone box imposes itself as a symbol of what is left of public utilities. From an accounting perspective, have the public utilities that are left in our ever-changing societies survived simply because it would be more expensive to remove them than to leave them where they are?

Madeline Robert 

Allo la France, 2023 
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Sunday 23 April 2023 13:15
In the presence of the director

Tuesday 25 April 2023 14:15

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Filmmakers or researchers from UNIL will take you on a walk through the streets of Nyon to delve into and deepen your appreciation of this film’s subject. Balade avec Floriane Devigne, réalisatrice de Allo la France

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