Juliette Riccaboni
Switzerland | 2023 | 55 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

Samir hardly knows his father. Hoping to become closer with him, he decides to accompany him on a hunting expedition in the mountains. Director Juliette Riccaboni films the complexity of a relationship rife with disagreement. The picturesque Valais scenery provides the backdrop for this difficult reunion, shot through with humour and tenderness.

Minimum legal age 12 years, recommended 16 years and over

Hoping to become closer with his father, whom he hardly knows, Samir decides to accompany him on a hunting expedition in the mountains. The hunt thus provides the pretext for their difficult reunion, where time spent waiting, stalking and shooting reveals the tensions and misunderstandings between the protagonists. Despite the cultural and generational barriers that separate them, their encounter is punctuated by the occasional humorous and tender moment, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Valais region. A third man, Charlot, intervenes in the father-son dynamic, offering a different, more congenial vision of hunting and companionship. The expedition becomes an opportunity for director Juliette Riccaboni to subtly examine the complexity of modern family life, as evidenced in this father-son relationship marked by dissent. 

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