Yamina Zoutat
Switzerland, France | 2023 | 96 min
International Premiere
Language : French
Subtitles : French, English

A woman wakes up with the urge to film blood. In Paris, her city, she meets a blood conveyor, a transplant doctor, a chimaera… And she remembers a trial she followed a long time ago: the contaminated blood trial. Yamina Zoutat has constructed a moving quest about transmission, drawing on the hidden matter from which our bodies are made.

Yamina Zoutat immerses herself in a scandal of which very few images are left: the contaminated blood trial, which she covered as a legal reporter at the time. This trial came about in response to the infections that occurred in France in the 1980s and 1990s through the transfusion of infected blood. Decades later, driven by a compelling urge to film blood, she embarks on a quest to satiate this need. By following multiple scents, like a bloodhound, the director traces a path of encounters oriented towards life. She approaches those who give and receive blood: Mohamed, the blood bag conveyor; Stéphanie, the transplant doctor who performs transfusions; Isabelle, the chimaera, who is receiving a transplant; as well as the donors who keep this vital liquid circulating. She also brings in images from the history of cinema which feature blood, from Nosferatu to Wings of Desire. By combining encounters, memories of the trial and family history, Yamina Zoutat has created a deeply affecting film about transmission. 

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