Teboho Edkins
France, South Africa, Netherlands, 78 min
Swiss Premiere

Days of Cannibalism accounts the social impact of a completely different economic model on a traditional society. When Chinese entrepreneurs arrive in Lesotho, in the district of Thaba Tseka, everything changes. Old structures begin to disintegrate, and latent violence threatens to explode. What is it going to be: to eat or to be eaten?

Days of Cannibalism chronicles the social and cultural impact of a completely different economic model on a still traditionally anchored society. When Chinese entrepreneurs and merchants arrive in Lesotho, in the area around Thaba Tseka, everything changes. Teboho Edkins explores the contradictions and the different ways two completely different culture confront each other and how they might reshape themselves—not at all—while observing the other. The two worlds face each other off, and the result of this encounter is not an obvious one. Old structures begin to disintegrate and latent violence threatens to explode. What it is going to eat or to be eaten? The film questions issues of global economics within a mythological framework that references the Western genre while blurring the differences between the traditional notion of documentary and fiction. Days of Cannibalism is a challenging work that confirms Teboho Edkins as one of the most interesting names in non-narrative filmmaking and undoubtedly also one of the most forward looking.

Giona A. Nazzaro


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78 min
France, South Africa, Netherlands
Swiss Premiere
English, x-sot, Chinese
English, French
Janja KraljDon EdkinsDerk-Jan WarrinkKoji Nelissen
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