Christina Tsiobanelis, Mika Gustafson & Olivia Kastebring
Sweden | 2017 | 91 min
Swiss Premiere
Languages : Swedish, Lithuanian, Arabic
Subtitles : English, French

Silvana Imam is a feminist icon in Sweden. With her engaged rap, she is having real impact on the youth who are treating her inflammatory lyrics against racism, machismo and patriarchal society like militant hymns. She is announcing a lesbian revolution, and becoming the representative of a generation ready to fight against the injustices of a country that is starting to veer dangerously towards the extreme right.
Silvana and her companion, pop star Beatrice Eli, form an explosive partnership. Photos of the couple are displayed everywhere as if they were advertising product. They are the subject of reports and TV shows, they give huge concerts… The couple have become a real social phenomenon. The film follows a star who is bursting forth, and begins a reflection on the intimacy of a woman who did not set out to become a political leader, even less so a mass phenomenon. We witness moments of success but also of solitude-sometimes Silvana would like to be just like any other girl.

Elena López Riera


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