Finlay Pretsell
United Kingdom | 2017 | 81 min
Swiss Premiere
Language : English
Subtitle : French

A cycling enthusiast, Finlay Pretsell has followed the entire career of his compatriot David Millar, a British winner of various stages in the three “big Tours” (Spain, Italy, France). The Scot rode with the Cofidis team, until he was suspended, in 2004, following a resounding doping affair involving the entire team. Competing again two years later, he continued cycling until 2014. Time Trial is a title with two meanings: it is the portrait of one of the fastest riders of the past ten years, filmed during his final season. Pretsell used pioneering film techniques—developed by Wim Wenders’ key grip—to capture the universe of high-level cycling in an entirely immersive manner. But the filmmaker was not merely content with the filmic adrenaline released through the race. Going beyond a vibrant tribute to a difficult sport, Millar focuses on psychological complexity to reveal to us, behind an exceptional athlete going downhill, a man riding after himself and against the end of his dream.

Emmanuel Chicon


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