Gabriel Tejedor
Switzerland | 2017 | 67 min
World premiere
Language : Belarusian
Subtitles : English, French

2015. In the Belarussian countryside, the Presidential election which will renew, once again, the mandate of Lukashenko, is being prepared. As for Kostia, he has just celebrated his 18th birthday. The little village of Krupki, where he spends as much time as possible when he is not at university in Minsk, is his territory. Following him, Mayskaya Street becomes, thanks to the people who live on it, an open window onto Belarus. We come across young people, and their attempts to develop while holding on to their childhood dreams, and the older people, who are more critical, tired by what the region has experienced over time—from the Second World War to the Chernobyl disaster. In this disenchanted country, via the perspective of Gabriel Tejedor, this street appears like a haven of peace in glowing colours, between the miraculous harvesting of blueberries, the picnics in the lush grass, and the small Orthodox church that welcomes the entire community. Here, a future may be imagined for Kostia and his friends, thanks to the conviviality and mutual assistance established in the neighbourhood as well as to a communal life, in all simplicity.

Madeline Robert


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