Il mondo di Nermina

Vittoria Fiumi
Italy, Switzerland, Germany | 2014 | 54 min
World premiere
Language : Bosnian
Subtitles : English, French

A brave woman, Nermina, returns to Bosnia with her husband and children, back to her native land that was the scene of genocide in 1992. Despite her memories of war and unemployment, the protagonist is determined to rebuild her life in the place where she was born. Raw archive images of the war-torn village are intertwined with the normality of the family’s everyday life.

Nermina, tenacious, courageous and stubborn, is a Bosnian woman: after years in exile due to the war, she returns with a few of her fellow countrymen to her native village which in the past was the site of mass murders. Nermina works as a farmer to raise her three children and try to satisfy dreams and ambitions which the circumstances in this country seem to make impossible.

To earn something extra, she periodically goes back to Germany, where she works as a cleaning lady. The director offers us impressions of existences gathered from everyday activities. In a purely observational way, the documentary - broken up here and there by footage from the end of the war - gives a glimpse of the uneasiness of a generation; that of Nermina, who seems not yet to have processed the tragedies of the past, and another one: that of her children who wish to have a future and be able to improve their own living conditions. An uneasiness experienced from the female perspective. The beautiful final image of a carousel in motion closes the film, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Manuela Ruggeri


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