Miraklet i Gullspång

Maria Fredriksson
Sweden, Norway, Denmark | 2023 | 109 min
Swiss Premiere
Languages : Norwegian, Swedish
Subtitles : English, French

An unbelievable series of eerie coincidences lead two pious sisters straight into the path of Olaug, a woman who looks uncannily like their deceased sister Lita. With the help of filmmaker Maria Fredriksson, they take it upon themselves to unravel the mystery – but nothing will prepare them for the mind-blowing twists and turns that lay ahead. A true tale stranger than fiction.

Without a doubt one of the most unsettling and unbelievable true stories committed to film in the past year, The Gullspång Miracle chronicles the astonishing discovery of two sisters, May and Kari, as they stumble upon their long-lost sibling, Olaug, whose appearance uncannily resembles that of their deceased sister, Lita. Little did she know that, by capturing this sisterly journey, director Maria Fredriksson would be in for a rollercoaster of a ride. From the impossible odds of their unexpected reunion to the unveiling of the eerie circumstances of Lita and Olaug’s separation at birth, theirs is a story ripe with twists and turns. Yet what separates The Gullspång Miracle from any other real-life thriller is Fredriksson’s commitment to letting a deeper tension rise to the surface: that of a relationship unplanned, and perhaps unwanted. As the differences in their respective upbringings begin to peek through, the sheen of the initial wonder fades, revealing the first hints of bitterness. Save your true crime podcasts for later, as this wonderfully-crafted tale of truth stranger than fiction will leave you astonished well after you’ve left the cinema…

James Berclaz-Lewis
The Gullspång Miracle, 2023
Afternoon Tea, 2015


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