Ruth Beckermann
Austria | 2024 | 118 min
Swiss Premiere
Languages : German, Turkish
Subtitles : English, French

Favoriten is a working-class, multicultural district of Vienna. Filmmaker Ruth Beckermann followed a teacher and her class of children of different nationalities over a three-year period. Mindful of the challenges and joys of both the individuals and the group, her camera captures the common elements which unite this micro-society. An odyssey filled with infinite tenderness and intelligence. 

Over three years, Ruth Beckermann filmed a kindergarten class in Vienna comprising 25 non-German-speaking pupils from Ukraine, Turkey and Syria. Located in the working-class district of Favoriten, the school is drastically short of resources and suffering the consequences of job cuts. This chronicle unfolds over time to create an exquisitely sensitive portrayal of the day-to-day learning process in this multicultural micro-society, where everyone is determined to do their best. The mise-en-scène does justice to the work of an incredible teacher who draws deeply on her energy and love to pass on knowledge, expand a sense of community and emphasise peace. Her affection for the children is contagious. By turns joyful and focused, the little ones are all too aware of the stakes when it comes to their results, which are anxiously awaited in a school system that favours streaming from a young age. Favoriten brilliantly demonstrates the extent to which the notion of meritocracy is an illusion, and the emotional power of its heartbreaking ending resonates like a call to political action. 

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