Los Calvos

Marcos Simon Mossello & Elias Ezequiel Gismondi
Argentina, Colombia, Mexico | 2024 | 79 min
World premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

Are there any bald men in the room? Filmmakers Marcos and Elias! They set out to explore this "complex" with a few of their fellow residents of Tostado, an Argentinian town where most men seem to be afflicted by premature baldness. The result is a lively tragi-comedy, tinged with self-mockery and peppered with bald heads and hair plugs.

For some, it's an almost dynastic curse. Others swear that if they had to choose between hair and a Ferrari, they'd be happy to drive an old banger if it meant they could have their prized mane back. Ruly, an ice cream maker by trade, has solved the problem: he has had his hair tattooed onto his head. Marcos Mossello & Elias Gismondi, who are also prematurely bald, have decided to tackle the issue through film. They take us on a tour of Tostado, an uninviting Argentine hamlet, to meet their companions in misery. They confide in the mischievous camera, against a backdrop of brightly coloured tableaux (a nod to Wes Anderson?) that sometimes feature the mysterious Paico, a local football “god”, juggling a ball - and endowed with a thick head of hair that seems to taunt his less well-fortunate peers. The absolute precision of the editing and a pop-accented soundtrack infuse The Bald with the energy of a sprightly tragicomedy, which pokes gentle fun at the hang-ups developed – or not – by these contemporary Argonauts, who would gladly trade the Golden Fleece for hair implants.

Emmanuel Chicon
Elias Ezequiel Gismondi
The Bald, 2024

Marcos Simon Mossello
The Bald, 2024

Screenings and tickets

Thursday 18 April 2024 20:15
Usine à Gaz 1, Nyon
In the presence of the director

Friday 19 April 2024 19:00
Théâtre de Grand-Champ, Gland, Gland


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