Alice Rohrwacher & Pier Paolo Giarolo
Italy | 2005 | 65 min
Language : Italian
Subtitles : French, English

Petra and Stefan run a small travelling circus, consisting of a few horse-drawn trailers. Together, the family travels through Italy, enthralling their children with the beauty of their world. Soon, they will be heading for Hungary. This debut documentary film co-directed by Alice Rohrwacher hints at the spirit and inspirations of her future work.

Petra, Stefan and their children run a small travelling circus with a few animals who are also performers, and a couple of caravans drawn by horses. They crisscross Italian villages as a family, enchanting the children with the splendour of their world, which seems straight out of a film by Federico Fellini. Soon they will head to Hungary, to discover new territories and make new encounters. Pier Paolo Giarolo and Alice Rohrwacher invite us behind the scenes of this fantastical world, highlighting the complex issues imposed by a nomadic lifestyle. Whilst the show only takes up 10% of the family’s time, the rest is devoted to trying to find ways of continuing to live freely. The filmmaker duo manages to subtly capture the Solunas’ determination, in a film that prefigures some of the major themes of Rohrwacher’s later work.

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Wednesday 26 April 2023 10:30

Alice RohrwacherPier Paolo Giarolo
Alice RohrwacherPier Paolo Giarolo
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