Francesco Munzi, Pietro Marcello & Alice Rohrwacher
Italy | 2021 | 105 min
Language : Italian
Subtitles : French, English

Three filmmakers travel across Italy from North to South in search of the local youth. In this collaborative film, which updates a certain tradition of  Italian documentary, the filmmakers paint the picture of a country seen through the eyes of teenagers, who reveal their realities, fears, expectations and desires. A precious and charming contemporary archive.

Alice Rohrwacher, Francesco Munzi and Pietro Marcello (Atelier VdR 2021) – three filmmakers leading the Italian cinema resurgence – crossed Italy, from north to south, encountering its youth of today. Filmed in the style of a reportage – rather like Comizi d’amore, Pasolini’s 1965 study of sexuality in which he surveys the Italian people about their relationship to love – this collective film asks one simple question of the groups of teenagers they meet on the journey: how do they envisage their future ? Navigating between diametrically opposed social and cultural milieus, between past crises and the Covid pandemic, our three researchers behind the camera form part of the conversation as they listen to the young people’s fears, desires and expectations. This results in an archive of the present, but also paints, between the lines, the portrait of a country that is still unable to do what is so essential: trust in its youth. They may need more than the quote by Raoul Vaneigem, which is projected as an epilogue to the film, to point the way: “We are the children of a devastated world, trying to be reborn in a world waiting to be created. Learning to become human is the only radical thing to do.”

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Special Guest Alice Rohrwacher

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