Hassen Ferhani
Algeria, France | 2012 | 6 min
Languages : Arabic, French
Subtitles : French, English

A teenager describes the painting he sees off-screen. He highlights the thoughtful nature of the person facing him. Two other young persons then engage in the same exercise. Projections and fantasies, social and cultural issues. We are in the Museum of Fine Arts of Algiers where Hassen Ferhani casts his simultaneously tender and lucid gaze.
Bertrand Bacqué

143, Rue du désert, 2019
À l'Ouest de Seriana, 2017
Fi rassi rond-point, 2015
Tarzan, Don Quichotte et Nous, 2013
Afric Hotel, 2011
Les Baies d'Alger, 2006

Atelier Hassen Ferhani

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