Emelie Mahdavian
United States | 2021 | 91 min
International Premiere
Language : English
Subtitle : French

In remote Idaho, Colie and Hollyn embark on a long summer season working as range riders herding cattle. We follow them closely through the immensity of the landscapes and intimate moments of friendship. Emelie Mahdavian masterfully revisits the genre of the western and invites us to rethink the challenge of nomadism from the perspective of two young women.

In this western, great friendship takes on the traits of two women. Colie and Hollyn embark on a journey to the West to work on different ranches. With an attentive gaze, the filmmaker follows them for the duration of the summer season through the immensity of a beautiful landscape. Besides showing their work on the land – sheep herding, breaking in a colt or wielding the lasso – with its details and specificities, the film brings us closer to the protagonists through moments of rest during their stops at the different ranches. There, through the women’s intimate conversations, we get to know their way of thinking, how they envisage life and work, and their spirit of companionship, thus witnessing a kind of friendship that is touching in its simplicity. Although both women are deeply familiar with the nature that surrounds them, life never ceases to surprise them, setting in motion cycles that will lead them to new and unexpected challenges. Emelie Mahdavian masterfully revisits the genre of the western, inviting us to think about the Wild West and nomadic work from the perspective of two women. 


Violeta Bava

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Thursday 14 April 2022 20:30
In the presence of the director

Saturday 16 April 2022 13:30

Sunday 17 April 2022 14:00


Derek HowardAlejandro Mejía, AMC
Daniel Timmons
Emelie MahdavianCurtiss Clayton
Su Kim
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